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These Commonly Used Drugs Can Make Your Blood Sugar Out of Control

2018-07-21 15:08

These commonly used drugs can make your blood sugar out of control. If you are diabetics, please remember.

Many diabetic patients have hypertension, high cholesterol and other diseases, so they need to take multiple drugs at the same time. However, drugs for other diseases will be detrimental to blood glucose control. People with diabetes need to be more aware of using those drugs, especially those with type 2 diabetes.

1. Metabolic regulatory hormone -- glucocorticoid

These Commonly Used Drugs Can Make Your Blood Sugar Out of Control
Commonly used glucocorticoid hormones include dexamethasone, hydrocortisone, betamethasone, betamethasone, fluoctone, bonisone, triamcinolone, etc. These drugs can treat many inflammatory diseases, including arthritis, allergies and asthma. When drugs enter the blood in large quantities, especially when injected and taken orally, glucose tolerance will be reduced so that blood glucose will significantly increase. Therefore, diabetics must avoid long-term use and increasing the dosage arbitrarily.

2. Medcine to lower LDL - statins

These Commonly Used Drugs Can Make Your Blood Sugar Out of Control
Statins are important in preventing cardiovascular disease, lowering LDL or cholesterol levels, but they can raise blood sugar in diabetics. Studies have shown that people taking statins have a 30 percent higher risk of developing diabetes.

3. Antihypertensive drugs - thiazide diuretics

In nine cases out of ten diabetic patients, hypertension is associated with hypertension, so antihypertensive drugs are often needed, and the common drug is thiazide diuretic. However, this antihypertensive drug is not friendly to diabetics. High dose thiazide drugs can inhibit insulin release and hinder the use of glucose, leading to elevated blood glucose.

4. Antibiotics used to treat infections such as pneumonia

These Commonly Used Drugs Can Make Your Blood Sugar Out of Control
Studies of clinical infectious diseases have found that certain antibiotics, such as fluoroquinolones for pneumonia and urinary tract infections, have been shown to induce hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. In addition, certain anti-inflammatory antibacterial drugs can also cause blood sugar to rise. Diabetics with a cold or inflammation should be cautious about taking medication.

5. Cholesterol-lowering drug - niacin

Like statins, niacin lowers cholesterol but raises blood sugar. Cardiology studies have shown that niacin B vitamins increase the risk of diabetes.

6. Oral contraceptive

These Commonly Used Drugs Can Make Your Blood Sugar Out of Control
For women with diabetes at the age of childbearing, beware of oral contraceptives, which can reduce the use of glucose by surrounding tissues, leading to a relative increase of glucose in the blood, resulting in elevated blood glucose levels.

7. Medicine used to treat arrhythmias and anxiety - β- blockers

These Commonly Used Drugs Can Make Your Blood Sugar Out of Control
Although this kind of medicine can increase insulin secretion, it can also increase the decomposition of liver glycogen and fat, causing diabetic ketoacidosis. More dangerously, it can mask hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia that causes a heart attack called tachycardia so as to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

All in all, if you are diabetics, you must ask your doctor about your medication and make appropriate adjustments when you have to use together with other medications.

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