Can A Kidney Heal Itself

As we all know, our skin and liver can regenerate themselves when they are damaged. Then can A kidney heal itself? Actually it can. As long as the damage degree is not beyond its self-healing ability, more

How Can I Lower Blood Urea Nitrogen Level Naturally

How can I lower my blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level naturally? The normal level of BUN is 9-20mg/dl. If your level is higher than this range, it indicates kidney damage. BUN test reveals how well your more

Is CKD A Terminal Illness

Is CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) a terminal illness? No, with proper treatment, you can live better with kidney disease? Do not be afraid. Take timely treatment. Well then, what is treatment for kidney more

Will hematuria and protein urine surely cause renal failure

Blood in urine, also called as hematuria, combined with protein urine are to index worries renal patients. some patients may start kidney diseases with these two index abnormal until the end stage more

How Can My Kidney Function Be Improved with CKD

CKD is a medical condition in which your kidneys gradually lose their function. In fact, when your kidneys are not damaged so severely, it is possible for you to regain some. How can my kidney more

What Happens If GFR Is 34

When your GFR is 34, it indicates you are in stage 3 kidney disease. You may experience some symptoms in this stage like poor appetite, swelling, proteinuria and itchy skin, etc. Well then, what to do more

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    Kidney Disease

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