Our Hospital Treats Proteinuria and Hematuria Effectively

Intractable proteinuria and hematuria bothers kidney patients because no matter what medicines they take, they can not get a good result. But our hospital treats proteinuria and blood in urine effectiv...read more

Is It Be Reversible if Kidney Function Is Only 34%

When kidneys are slightly damaged, it is possible for you to reverse it. But if kidney function is only 34%, is it be reversible? With this question, lets read this article. Damaged kidney tissues can ...read more

Is It Possible To Reverse Stage Three Kidney Disease

We just found out my husband has stage three kidney disease and we are not getting any advice what so ever from the VA doctors. If it is possible to reverse. We want to do everything we can. Can you he...read more

How to Improve Kidney Function at Stage 4

How to improve kidney function at stage 4? If you do not want to start dialysis in the near future, you must be eager to know the answer. Here lets have a quick look. To improve kidney function, you ne...read more

Stage 3 Kidney Disease: How to Fix It

In stage 3 kidney disease, your kidneys are just damaged moderately, so you still have chance to fix kidney damage and restore some kidney function. How to fix stage 3 kidney disease? After reading thi...read more

How to Recover Kidney Function for CKD Stage 3 Patients

Question: Hi my daughter is 21 and has stage 3 kidney disease. Do you have any suggestions on how she can recover her kidney function? Answer: Stage 3 CKD means GFR ranges from 30 to 60. In general, wh...read more

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