8 Kinds of Kidney Disease Can Be “Cured Clinically”

These 8 kinds of kidney disease can be cured clinically. You can take a look whether yours belongs to any of them. Hope you can grasp 3 chances. Is there a cure for kidney disease? This has always been...read more

What Can I Do to Slow Down the Deterioration of Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is a slowly progressed disease. As long as you take effective measures to control the disease, you can avoid kidney failure in the rest of your life. What can I do to slow down t...read more

If You Have These Eight Characteristics, It Means Your Kidney Disease Is to Get Remission Soon

Many kidney patients have such a question: why I get kidney disease even though I do not have any discomforts? In fact, the early symptoms of kidney disease are not easy to detect without careful obser...read more

Controlling These Five Risk Factors Should Go Ahead of Curing Kidney Disease

Because of regular update of articles on our website, a lot of readers leave messages. Some consulted that whether all kidney diseases develop to uremia. When I saw those messages, actually I do not kn...read more

3 Medication Principles Prevent Kidney Disease Getting Relapse And Aggravation

Does Your Kidney Disease Always Get Relapse And Aggravation? You Must Abide by 3 Principles of Medicine, Otherwise No Need to Discuss....read more

Treatment of Renal Parenchymal Disease

Renal parenchymal disease means the same thing as chronic kidney disease (CKD), which means your renal function loses gradually. In this article, lets have a discussion on the treatment of renal parenc...read more

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