Can Your Hospital Treat Kidney Problem

2017-07-04 17:21

Can Your Hospital Treat Kidney ProblemMy father has been on dialysis once a week and GFR is 17. I want to treat my father kidney problem. Can your hospital and experts enough to treat kidney problem?

As for our treatment, It would improve the state of blood and oxygen, repairing the damaged kidney. It is also an effective treatment for kidney patient. Now your father’s GFR is 17, it shows there is a small part of kidney working. If his kidney function is improved, his kidney function/GFR would be improved.

Kidney disease is a kind of chronic immune disease. It is divided into three stages: Inflammatory reaction stage, fibrosis formation stage and scarring state. At the first stage-inflammation reaction stage, patients have the symptoms of urinary protein, blood urine and no increase of creatinine level. At the second stage-fibrosis formation stage, on the basis of the first stage, patients usually have increased creatinine level and BUN increase, anemia and hypertension. When patients are in third stage-scarring stage, they need to have dialysis or kidney transplant to save their lives, but they will suffer from a lot of complications. Now your father’s condition is the second stage, it is still treatable.

As for the treatment effect, it is affected by many factors. Now I do not know your father’s real condition very much, just those you told me and the treatment effect is also related with the treatment time and his body sensitivity to the medicine. We have treated patients with similar diseases with your father. When they are discharged from our hospital, the most effective one is GFR was increased by 20. But the another one is his GFR was increased only by 5. The treatment effect really is affected by many factors. The less complications patient have, the more effective the treatment would be and there will be great chance to improve kidney function.

By the way, if your father wants to get our treatment, he needs to come to China. Is there any difficulty for him to come?

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