Four Sign of Urine Indicates Kidney Diseases

Urine functioning eliminate metabolism and extra salt and normal urine color is yellow or colorless. But when urine color start to change, it may indicates kidney diseases and further examination is more

How to Read Urine Test

Modern citizens awareness of health increasingly increase. If have condition, every one will have a year physical examination, and some company will arrange one. During these test, urine test is the more

What Is the Early Symptoms of Renal Insufficiency? 6 Tips Help You

Early symptoms of renal insufficiency play an important role in treating chronic kidney diseases. and if we can find it in early stage and get treatment timely, we will achieve a lot. Here are 6 tips more

Protein and Occult Turn to Negative, And Creatinine Level Reduced Why the Result is Different

Some patients often wonder that why their protein and occult turn to negative, and creatinine level reduced why the result is different. What happened? What should they do to improve their kidney more

How to Stop Uric Acid Building up for Renal Patients

High uric acid level is very common among kidney patients. Do you know why? It is because the damaged kidneys can not remove those wastes from body adequately. How to stop uric acid building up for more

Natural Treatment to Turn Refractory Proteinuria Negative

When referring to the medications to treat proteinuria, you may think of steroids, ACEI or ARBs. They are helpful, but they have many side effects, and it is likely for the disease to relapse. Here more

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    Kidney Disease

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