What Will Affect Kidney Disease Development

When we were diagnosed with kidney disease, we often want to know what will affect the development of chronic kidney disease. here we talk about what will affect the development of chronic kidney disea...read more

Why Hb Falls When Creatinne Level Increases

Increased creatinine level indicates kidneys are damaged. When kidneys are damaged, they will generate few red blood cells. Few red blood cells cause low hemoglobin (hb) which is a protein in red blood...read more

Does Advanced Kidney Disease Cause Bad Taste

Some patients with advanced kidney disease complain that they have ammonia odor or metallic taste in mouth. Does advanced kidney disease cause bad taste? Here I can give you definite answer. Read on to...read more

What Signs Will Indicate Chronic Kidney Disease

Some signs may indicate kidney problem. What will happen when you are diagnosed with kidney disease? The following are some common signs of kidney damage. If your kidneys are damaged, the ability to ur...read more

Controlling anemia means controlling a half of renal disease? Three tips are effective to anemia

During the treatment of renal disease, anemia troubles both doctor and patients. Some experienced experts will say that renal disease is not hard if we can control the anemia. Different to heart consis...read more

Will Edema in Polycystic Kidney Disease Get Improved

With the development of the polycystic kidney disease, a serious of complications will occur. Such as edema, protein urine, back pain and so on. The enlarged kidney cyst will cause damage to both kidne...read more

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    Kidney Disease

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