How to Decrease Microalbumin in Urine

As we all know, the earlier we find out the disease, the earlier we start treatment, and the better the prognosis. Microalbumin test is often recommended to detect early signs of kidney damage. How to more

How to Prevent Gout Through Diet

What is Gout? Gout is a disease that leads damage in joints. Now, it is highly occur in young generation and often lead to infection. what should we do? How to prevent gout through diet? Gout is a more

Does Protein In Urine Negative Mean A Cure Of It

We often use physical examination to diagnose and refer our physical condition. It is widely used in hospital, health care center. But, can we ensure that protein in urine negative after treatment more

Albumin and Creatinine can predicate kidney condition

IgA nephropathy is a most occurred nephritis. Have you done a biopsy? There are about half of reports in nephritis showing as IgA nephropathy. Widely occurred as it is, we have to know how to prevent more

Which Treatment Can Help Cure Edema Without Steroid Medicine

Edema, also called as swelling, is a common complication in kidney diseases. what should we do to cure edema? Can we avoid using steroid medicine? What is edema? Edema is a common complication in more

Several things can lead to chronic kidney failure, watch out

No. 1: sleep after 24 oclock. A long term lack of sleep will lead to a weak immune and serious of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and etc. this will also lead more

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    Kidney Disease

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