How to Reduce Proteinuria, Keep Renal Function Stable and Avoid Renal Failure

2018-11-14 01:35

How to Reduce Proteinuria, Keep Renal Function Stable and Avoid Renal FailureProteinuria is a typical symptom of kidney disease, which runs through the whole development process of kidney disease, and is also an important indicator of renal function, as well as a severe role in accelerating renal failure. Therefore, many patients with high proteinuria worry a lot every day, and they are afraid of getting worse. So how can we reduce proteinuria levels, keep kidney function stable, and avoid kidney failure?

Proteinuria has a significant impact on renal function progression and prognosis, so the earlier the proteinuria is controlled, the more stable the condition will be and the better to avoid renal failure. To improve proteinuria, it is important to stick to 3 points, which benefit for life:

1. Insist on taking medicine. Do not secretly reduce or stop drugs

Lowering proteinuria is inseparable from drug control. The commonly used drugs include steroids and immunosuppressants, which can inhibit renal inflammation and decrease the permeability of blood vessels so as to reduce proteinuria. Hormones start out in full dosage and then are slowly decreased, all in strict accordance with the doctor's orders. The effect of hormone therapy is greater than the side effects. After the kidney function is stabilized, the side effects will be gradually alleviated.

2. Timely prevention and treatment of recurrent factors such as infections

The most concerned thing for kidney patients is relapse, especially proteinuria relapse, which may even affect renal function. The main factors leading to the recurrence of proteinuria include infection, poor diet management and improper use of drugs. Infections such as colds, respiratory infections and oral infections can aggravate blood toxins, stimulate immune inflammatory response, and damage renal function, resulting in increased proteinuria. A high-salt and high-protein diet will make proteinuria heavier and heavier. Self medication, discontinuation, and reduction are not conducive to the stability of proteinuria.

3. Develop the good habit of protecting kidney and reducing proteinuria

Sticking to the low-salt and low amount of high-quality protein diet can not only avoid the excessive intake of salt to affect the efficacy of anti-protein drugs, but also avoid aggravating protein leakage due to the intake of too many high protein foods, and also improve malnutrition. Sticking to regular work and rest, combining work and rest, can guarantee the stability of immunity and resistance, thus contributing to the stability of proteinuria level; In the habit of observing urine, proteinuria is mostly manifested as a large number of small bubbles. If the foam is less and the urine is clear, the level of proteinuria is relatively stable.

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