12 Methods to Lower Proteinuria

For most kidney patients, they are troubled by proteinuria. How to reduce it or even make it negative? Here we list 12 methods to lower proteinuria. Hope they can help you. 1. Antihypertensive drugs It...read more

Can You Only Change Medication When Proteinuria Gets Relapse Frequently

In the course of kidney disease treatment, many patients have the problem of repeated proteinuria attacks. When most patients encounter such problems, the first solution is to change medicines or incre...read more

What Is the Most Terrible Complication of Kidney Disease

What is the most terrible complication of kidney disease? Most patients may think of kidney failure or uremia. But for 90% of patients wont have kidney failure throughout their life, so the most terrib...read more

4 Factors that Trigger Relapse of Proteinuria

Proteinuria is a common symptom of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Under some inducements, it gets relapse frequently. Here are 4 common factors that trigger relapse of proteinuria. Lets have a quick loo...read more

Don’t Mix up Renal Hypertension with Primary Hypertension

Dont mix up renal hypertension with primary hypertension What is renal hypertension? High blood pressure caused by kidney disease is called renal hypertension. In the early stages of glomerulonephritis...read more

CKD Stage 3 and Anemic: Is It Safe to Take Vitamins

Question: I have CKD stage 3, GFR 41. I feel anaemic, is it safe to take vitamins? Answer: In CKD stage 3, your kidneys are damaged moderately so that you will have some symptoms. You said you feel ane...read more

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