4 Factors that Trigger Relapse of Proteinuria

Proteinuria is a common symptom of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Under some inducements, it gets relapse frequently. Here are 4 common factors that trigger relapse of proteinuria. Lets have a quick loo...read more

Don’t Mix up Renal Hypertension with Primary Hypertension

Dont mix up renal hypertension with primary hypertension What is renal hypertension? High blood pressure caused by kidney disease is called renal hypertension. In the early stages of glomerulonephritis...read more

CKD Stage 3 and Anemic: Is It Safe to Take Vitamins

Question: I have CKD stage 3, GFR 41. I feel anaemic, is it safe to take vitamins? Answer: In CKD stage 3, your kidneys are damaged moderately so that you will have some symptoms. You said you feel ane...read more

Why Is It Difficult for Proteinuria to Turn Negative

Except for special cases, the more proteinuria means the worse kidney function, and the worse kidney function means the more proteinuria. Why is it difficult for proteinuria to turn negative? Generally...read more

Proteinuria Reduces, While Serum Creatinine Level Increases: Is Kidney Function Bad or Good

In the progression of kidney disease, various complications will appear, among which proteinuria and serum creatinine are the two of the more prominent symptoms. Both of them can reflect renal function...read more

How to Reduce Proteinuria, Keep Renal Function Stable and Avoid Renal Failure

Proteinuria is a typical symptom of kidney disease, which runs through the whole development process of kidney disease, and is also an important indicator of renal function, as well as a severe role in...read more

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