These 3 Kinds of Kidney Disease Are the Most Easily Cured

These 3 kinds of kidney disease are the most easily cured, but some patients often leave them alone and let them to develop into kidney failure and uremia. For some renal patients, they can detect more

Getting Rid of This Habit Can Help You Protect Kidney Function

We all know that smoking can cause pharyngitis, increase risk of cancer, and do harm to lung. But in fact, the harm of smoking is far from these, especially for those who suffer from chronic kidney more

Kidney Patients: 3 Mistakes Are the Root Causes of Aggravation

Kidney function reflects the development of patients illness condition. It also means the distance to uremia and even the length of life. Therefore, patients should pay attention to the protection of more

5 Principles for Protecting Kidneys

We cant predict our health condition, especially for those with underlying or recent kidney disease, but we can prevent or stop the disease from getting worse by following these five principles in our more

Does Chronic Kidney Disease Always Lead to End Stage Kidney Disease

Does chronic kidney disease (CKD) always lead to end stage kidney disease (ESKD)? Many renal patients have the same doubt. They are afraid that once they get kidney disease, they can not get rid of it more

How to Be A Qualified Chronic Kidney Disease Patient

How to be a qualified chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient? There are five standards. Do you reach them? For a qualified doctor, we may say many words to describe them, for example, skilled, patience, more

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