Kidney Patients: 3 Mistakes Are the Root Causes of Aggravation

2018-08-23 15:21

Kidney Patients: 3 Mistakes Are the Root Causes of AggravationKidney function reflects the development of patient's illness condition. It also means the distance to uremia and even the length of life. Therefore, patients should pay attention to the protection of renal function no matter in early stage or advanced stage.

It's not very difficult to delay renal function progression. Usually patients have very slow progression of renal function (deterioration), and very few patients have acute progression, so this gives us enough time to treat and keep the condition stable. However, some patients may still make some mistakes that damage renal function due to their poor understanding of the disease or unintentionally, causing repeated diseases and missing the best treatment time.

These are common mistakes. Hope you do not have them and learn a lesson from them.

Mistake 1: Do not keep on treatment.

With active treatment, renal patients in stage 1 and stage 2 can usually achieve clinical cure, and all indicators return to normal, but this does not mean that they can no longer be examined and treated. Patients of stage 1 and stage 2 will have an observation period of 2 years after finishing the treatment. If all symptoms and indicators such as proteinuria and occult blood do not recur within 2 years, that is the real cure. Not to mention the patients with stage 3-5 CKD, even if their condition is stable and discharged temporarily, they still need to adhere to out-of-hospital care, treatment and regular follow-up, which is more conducive to maintaining stable renal function and stable condition.

However, some patients feel good after treatment so that they ignore the continuous review and treatment, as a result, some risky factors make disease worse.

Mistake 2: Unscientific medication

In order to control the disease well, kidney patients have to take a variety of drugs including antihypertensive drugs, uric acid lowering drugs, potassium discharging drugs, detoxifying drugs, hormone drugs, immunosuppressive drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, kidney protection drugs and anti-anemia drugs at the same time every day, and some of these drugs need to be metabolized by the kidneys, from which we can guess how hard kidneys have to work. Therefore, kidney patients should not only use medicine on time to relieve various symptoms, but also use medicine scientifically with safety and small amount.

However, to cure the disease as soon as possible, some patients seek folk prescription and mistakenly take some kidney injury drugs, exposing the kidneys to drugs, or increase the dosage of drugs or change or discontinued drugs without the permission of doctors so that the condition is unstable.

Mistake 3: Do not change bad habits.

Before the disease, patients themselves have some kidney-damaging habits, including heavy diet, lavish meals, staying up, smoking, inactivity, drug abuse, etc. They should be changed in time. If not, they can put extra stress on kidneys so as to add insult to injury.

Therefore, to protect kidney function, you should realize the importance of the above 3 things and correct the mistakes as early as possible. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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