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How to Be A Qualified Chronic Kidney Disease Patient

2018-07-07 14:29

How to be a qualified chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient? There are five standards. Do you reach them?

For a qualified doctor, we may say many words to describe them, for example, skilled, patience, responsible, etc. But what should a qualified CKD patient be?
How to Be A Qualified Chronic Kidney Disease Patient

1. To be a qualified CKD patient, you should make a clear diagnosis first and then take treatment.

Symptoms of CKD are similar. Almost all kidney diseases are characterized by proteinuria and occult blood, although their pathology is not the same. Simply nephritis has two dozen types, and different pathological types need different treatments.

For some patients, after urine and blood routine test, 24h urine protein test and other basic tests, they can be diagnosed initially with glomerulonephritis or Nephrotic Syndrome. But for some renal patients, it is difficult to judge the pathological type through these basic tests, so they need other methods to make a clear diagnosis, for example, renal biopsy and urinary protein composition test. No matter which test you need, you should remember to make a clear diagnosis first.
How to Be A Qualified Chronic Kidney Disease Patient

2. To be a qualified CKD patient, you should not believe in charlatans.

We all know that CKD is incurable in the whole world. If someone says that they can cure it, they must be charlatans. You should be responsible for yourself, otherwise, it is very likely for you to lose not only the money, but also your life.

3. A qualified CKD patient do not stop medicine or reduce it without the instruction of doctors.

Some kidney patients are steroid-sensitive. After a short period of treatment, their proteinuria turns negative, thereby they stop the medicine. And then the disease gets relapse. As a result, you have to repeat the process again and again. A qualified kidney patient will wait until the proteinuria turns negative completely, then take steroids for a period of time to reinforce the effect, and then stop it at the doctor’s suggestion.
How to Be A Qualified Chronic Kidney Disease Patient

4. A qualified CKD patient can keep on diet restriction.

Low quantify but high quality protein, low salt, low fat, low sugar, etc. These are the well known diet restriction for CKD patients. But for some patients, they can not keep on it, which trigger or even aggravate the disease.

5. A qualified CKD patient does checkups regularly.

For kidney patients who just get discharged, it is recommended to do checkups once every 1-3 months. For those whose disease has been stabilized, it is recommended to do checkups once every half or one year. And you should keep on do it.

If you still have any other questions on CKD, please leave a message below or contact online doctor. We will try our best to help you.

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