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Does Kidney Disease Always Progress or Will Get Better

Does kidney disease always progress or will get better? For some renal patients, they get complete remission, while for some others, they go into ESRD eventually. Why their prognosis is different? more

How to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is hard to cure and it is also hard to find on our own. But, if we prevent it, we will not have to find a treatment and cost a good fortune. What should we do? How to prevent more

How to prevent chronic kidney diseases

There are one in ten have kidney disease around the world, which means 600million totally. How to prevent chronic kidney disease is a work of emergency. Every year, thousand of hundred patients are more

Can A Person Survive at 17 Percent Renal Function

Can a person survive at 17 percent renal function? Yes, but the lower your kidney function, the worse your living quality. I think you do not want that bad days. Now go on reading to lean more more

What Happens When Your Kidney Function Is Only Working at 38%

What happens when your kidney function is only working at 38%? If you are not clear about your illness condition, this article will help you. With 38% kidney function, you may experience the following more

How Serious Is Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 3. Need to know what I need to do about this and how serious is it? If you are also troubled by such a disease, the following information will be helpful more

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