To Maintain Stability of Three Indicators Can Keep Uremia far away from You

How to measure whether your medical condition has got improved? In addition to your own feelings, there are several important indicators of judgment. Generally, when these three indicators remain more

How to Predict Progression Speed of CKD to Kidney Failure

The progression speed of chronic kidney disease (CKD) has always been the concern of kidney patients. Some kidney disease progresses rapidly, reaching uremia in a few years, while some nephropathy has more

Could Kidney Disease Prevent People from Having Children

When getting kidney disease, you may have a lot of worries. Could kidney disease prevent people from having children? This is one of the questions that is asked often. In this article, lets have a more

Under 9 Conditions, Kidney Patients Should Have Bed Rest

For kidney patients, it is often suggested to have a good rest and avoid over fatigue. That is because there are indeed many patients whose condition gets relapse or worse after undertaking heavy more

How Long Can You Live with Kidney Disease

Before we discuss this topic, lets review the index of glomerular filtration rate (GFR). This figure refers to the volume of raw urine that the two kidneys filter out of the blood in about one minute, more

5 Types of Kidney Diseases Are Self-Healing

Kidney disease is dangerous and difficult to treat. And once it develops to kidney failure, treatment costs will be very expensive, which puts a great burden on the minds of the patients. However, the more

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