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Is There Anything You Can Drink to Improve Kidney Function

Is there anything you can drink to improve kidney function? If you would like to try some herbal tea or something else, go on reading to learn more information. Mai Kang Mixture There is a saying in more

Dietary Therapy for Preventing Gouty Kidney

Long time of gout can cause kidney damage and reduce kidney function. In severe case, it will cause kidney failure. Therefore, when kidney damage occurs, timely treatment is necessary. The following more

Is Chicken Breast Good for CKD

Chicken is not only a popular animal food, but also a great source of health benefits. Is chicken breast good for CKD patients? Lets go on reading to find out the answer. Chicken breast provides high more

What Kinds Of Protein Can Kidney Patients Take

How to eat healthily is the most concerned question by kidney patients. We doctors often tell patients to follow a low but high quality protein diet. Well then, what kinds of protein is good for renal more

Can Kidney Patient Eat Guava

Guava is also known as Amrood. It is considered as a super fruit because of its numerous medicinal properties. Can kidney patients eat guava? Read on to learn more information. -Boost immune system more

Why Is Butter Bad for Kidney Patients

Kidney patients should pay attention to the food they eat. It is said that butter is bad for kidney patients. Lets see the details. Butter is composed mainly of fats and contains unhealthy more

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