What to Expect at a Kidney Ultrasound

2019-02-07 15:49

What to Expect at a Kidney UltrasoundDo you know how to read a kidney ultrasound report correctly? What to expect a kidney ultrasound? In this article, let’s have a quick look.

From kidney ultrasound, we can directly know the size and cortical thickness of both kidneys. Normal kidney size is 10-12 cm long; 5-7 cm wide; 3-5 cm thick. The thickness of parenchyma is 1.4-1.8 cm and that of cortex is 0.8-1.0 cm. The left kidney is slightly larger than the right kidney.

The size of kidney has important clinical significance in diagnosis.

(1) Kidney Shrinkage

If the size of the kidney is found to be shrinking, it is because the renal tubules and glomeruli have undergone extensive atrophy, which is either caused by chronic hypoxia (poor blood circulation), or by repeated excessive inflammation.

(2) Kidney enlargement

There are two kinds of cases of kidney enlargement: one is that when one kidney shrinks, the other kidney actively enlarges (compensatory enlargement) in order to improve work ability, and the second is due to hydrocele, cyst and other reasons, kidney volume enlarges.

Generally speaking, when creatinine in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis begins to rise, the kidney begins to shrink. That is because of the long-term inflammation and ischemia of the kidney environment, nephrons appear fibrosis, sclerosis and atrophy.

Sometimes the serum creatinine in kidney patients is relatively high, reaching 300- 500, but B-mode ultrasound shows that the kidneys are normal in size, or only a little smaller. You can rest assured that the destruction of kidney structure is not serious, and renal function and serum creatinine can be restored to a large extent.

While sometimes patients with B-mode ultrasound show obvious atrophy of kidney, often indicating that illness condition has deteriorated to severe chronic renal failure, when the treatment becomes very difficult, and you also need to prevent hypertension, anemia, heart failure and other complications.

What to expect at a kidney ultrasound? Now you get the answer. No matter your kidneys become shrunk or enlarged, you should attach importance and take treatment as early as possible. For more information on kidney shrinkage or kidney enlargement treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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