Will Antibiotics Lead To Chronic Kidney Disease

2017-10-13 17:08

Will Antibiotics Lead To Chronic Kidney Disease

Nowadays, antibiotics are widely or blindly used in treating aliments, small diseases. Drug abuse will lead to something bad, and can antibiotics lead to kidney disease?

Recently, when chatting with patients abroad, we heard that his creatinine level is 400+, and have infection. His kidney disease is caused by drug abuse, blind use of antibiotics. Good thing is he has taken treatment, and his condition is well controlled now. Bad things is that in treating chronic kidney disease and get rid of drug addiction, it cost him a good fortune and he experiences an horrible time. Then, we realize that it is necessary to write an article to talk about the consequence of drug abuse.

Drug abuse exists widely and commonly. When we catch a cold, we may self prescribe some medicine and then, we find it is effective, so, we do it again when another cold comes. But, several times later, we find it that we are easy to catch cold and medicine lacks of effect. Meanwhile, we may start to have other complications such as back pain, edema and protein in urine, which mean kidney abnormal or even kidney disease.

It is common, right? But, improving kidney condition and readjust immune system will take a long time and cost a lot. Drug abuse can also lead to drug addiction, drug resistance and some other complications. Treatment should be used as early as possible and you have to start a new and correct attitude toward medicine and the right dosage.

To improve kidney condition and reduce the dosage of modern medicine, we can provide you Toxin-Removing Therapy which comes from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment can improve your physical condition and remove the side-effect caused by drug abuse and it can also improve kidney condition.

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